The University of Ljubljana

Ljubljana Uni LogoThe University of Ljubljana is the oldest and largest in Slovenia, and is among the largest universities in Europe. The Laboratory of Bioinformatics employs 15 professors, researchers and software developers, and performs research in computational methods for data analysis, data mining, visualization, and artificial intelligence. Laboratory members apply these techniques to current problems in molecular and systems biology, in particular in functional genomics and mutant-based analysis (with Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, USA), sequence and gene expression regulation analysis (with MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology, Cambridge, UK), and tissue engineering (with University of Pavia, Italy). The Laboratory develops and maintains a suite of software tools: the comprehensive Python-based Orange data-mining suite (, the epistasis analysis toolbox GenePath (, and the gene expression web-analytics application dictyExpress ( The Laboratory has published in the highest-ranked journals in the field, including Nature (Genetics, Neuroscience, Structural & Molecular Biology), Bioinformatics, Machine Learning Research, and Nucleic Acids Research.