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Portavita is an international leading eHealth supplier of Integrated Care Systems (ICS), based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Portavita’s innovative “Software as a Service” platform supports the multidisciplinary treatment of over 500.000 patients worldwide. Over 9.000 medical professionals and 70.000 participating self-management patients use this online solution on a daily basis.

Input of leading medical professionals and their patients is the basis for the current modules of the system: Anticoagulation, Asthma/COPD, Cardiovascular Risk Management, Diabetes and Elderly Care. Patient participation through active self-management is an important part of these modules. Individualization of care in an aging society demands coordinated support for the multidisciplinary teams treating individuals with one or more comorbidities.

Big Medical Data Intelligence Solutions are an integrated part of the Portavita portfolio and ensure high quality management reporting, analysis and research functionality.

Portavita is a strong believer in international standards and active member of ISO/NEN, IHE, HL7 and supporter of CIMI and Snomed CT.