Final General Assembly – Barcelona, 1st – 2nd October 2015

The AXLE Project partners visited Barcelona again for the 3rd time for our last project face-to-face meeting. BSC proved to be excellent hosts during our final visit, and we took the opportunity to discuss evaluation (the focus of the last 6 months has been to test the enhancements we have made to hardware and software during the lifetime of the project) and to evaluate our progress.

Lan and Anze, University of Ljubljana, produced a great image of how they see the AXLE project partners collaborating – this has been redrawn from their flipchart sketch, but hopefully gets the idea across just as well…

AXLE_The_UL_PerspectiveThe story in a nutshell… Portavita produces extremely large data through their synthetic dataset generator (anonymised and de-identified) and dumps this into the PostgreSQL database. 2ndQuadrant order this data through the new features they have written for the PostgreSQL code (the majority of this is available in the latest release 9.5) to greatly enhance security, scalability and performance. At the same time, Barcelona SuperComputing Center and the University of Manchester have experimented with and modified hardware to improve query speeds. And the University of Ljubljana updated the data mining and visualization tool, Orange to a more user-friendly version (Orange 3 was released in early October 2015) to produce immediate respresentations of sampled data.


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