Slovenia General Assembly and IAB Meeting October 2014

The AXLE partners met at the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia for the 4th project general assembly and 2nd industrial advisory board meeting on October 8th 2014.

Partner presentations coffee break




A 3 day meeting, the partners spent a day presenting progress to the IAB (Industrial Advisory Board), with a particular emphasis on hardware considerations, so that they could provide us very valuable feedback which informed the next two days. The rest of the meeting was a chance to work closely with each other on specific topics that have emerged over the last few months.

PV and UL collaborate

The decision to have each partner host at least one GA has proved an excellent approach as we have seen new cities and experienced excellent hospitality in all. We visited a Serbian restaurant on our first night, followed by an Italian Pizzeria on our second – not because Slovenian food doesn’t exist, but because it takes so long to prepare traditional fayre! Our host also took us on a winding walking tour of Ljubljana, showing us the delights of a beautiful city. We were all entranced by the view of the moonlit castle from the restaurant terrace – a true Hollywood backdrop!

Ljubljana at night

And with a General Assembly and 7 deliverables due at the end of October, this has been a busy month for the project. It is exciting to see the progress that has been made over the last 12 months!